Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reading Challange for November!

The reading challenge for November is to read 3 books from the Non-fiction/History genre. I know that my first graders teacher, Mrs Stocking, has decided to keep track of the kids reading challenge on their monthly reading calender instead of the minute log that is handed out. Which is just fine. Just make sure that your kids are reading and keeping track of the books for this month.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Together We Can!

Reflections is here! The theme for 2010-11 is "Together We Can". Your child came home Friday with the reflections brochure and entry form. The entries need to adhere to the theme and be titled. There are 6 different categories for the children participate in. Photography, Music, Literature, Visual Arts, Dance Choreography and Film and Video Production. The National PTA website, has entry forms, examples of past entries and more detailed entry rules. All entries must meet the specific rules for their categories. Turn entries into the school by: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16th. Please make sure titles are on the front and names on the back. Winners will be announced and presented prizes. Entry forms need to accompany the entry. Please print the entry form off the website listed above or get one from the school. On the right hand column of this blog there are a couple links to help you out. One is to view or print an entry form and the other is to view the rules of each category. You can scan through the PTA website and get as much information that you need. You can even view past entries to get some ideas.
Here are some examples of how the kids can use this years theme.
"Together We Can.......Keep the Earth Green"
"Together We Can.......Help Others"
"Together We Can......Win the Dance Competition."
"Together We Can.......Build a Better Future."
"Together We Can.......All Succeed."

If you have any questions about Reflections please contact Angie Daw, chairperson for 2010-11 reflections, at 782-2379 or

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Upcoming Fundraiser Information

It is time to kick-off our PTA fundraising efforts for the school year 2010-2011! You may already be aware that with the budget cuts that went into effect this spring, there are no funds for student activities or new technology required by the math program the was implemented last year. The new text books that have been adopted have internet based programs that the teachers can access through the teacher's classroom computer. However, they need a specific projector that allows them to project those images on to the screen for the entire class. There is an immediate need for 13 of these classroom projectors at $600.00 each. That would total $7,800.00 plus tax. In addition, the only money available to fund student activities ( "A.R. parties", reading challenge party, activities to replace field trips, etc.) will have to come from PTA funds. Thus our goal for this fundraiser is $8,000.00. If we could collect $20.00 pre Ridge Crest student we would easily surpass our fundraising goal for this year.
This Friday monring at 8:45 we will have our kick-off assembly for the fundraiser. Many of you visited with us at Back-to-School Night and tasted some of the products from the fundraiser. The Lehi Roller Mill mixes and Idaho Preferred products range in price from$5.00 to $10.00 with the exception of one gift basket that is more.
We receive 45-50% profit on all the products. There are no prizes associated with the fundraiser this year. However, we are working on our own prizes for the top student fundraisers through the generous donations of some of our local businesses.
If you would rather not participate in the fundraising sales and just donate instead, please send your check or cash to Ridge Crest PTA Fundraising. Please mark the envelope clearly and include your student's name and teacher so that they get credit for participating in our fundraiser.
Thank you for your support! If you have any questions please leave a message at Ridge Crest for Nancy Wells or Michelle Kofoed.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ridge Crest Reading Challenge

Our Ridge Crest Reading Challenge has become a well know tradition and this year is going to be no different, although the challenge is changing slightly. In years past there has been a list of specific books that had to be read in order to meet the challenge. Here's the challenge for this year: Read three books each month within the designated genre of books. The genre changes each month. Students will be allowed to read books of their choice as long as it belongs to one of the genres that we are challenging them to read. Once they have read those three books, students may choose to read books of their choice. Here's the second half of the challenge, and it's a group effort; read one million minutes as a school before the end of March!

September: Animal Stories
October: Mystery/Suspense
November: Non-Fiction/History
December: Books that have been made into movies
January: Where in the world: (Books that take place or teach about another country)
February: Fairy Tales/Tall Tales
March: Sports
Here's how our reading challenge works:
Each year students are given a challenge to read specific books with a suprise at the end of those who complete it. It has become a favorite event at our school and we plan to make it an exciting challenge this year. Here are the rules for our participants:
  1. Do not count previously read books. Reread them if you liked them, then you can count them.
  2. Log your reading minutes on the log provided each month. You'll need your teachers or parent/guardians initials for them to count.
  3. Read three books from the genre of the month. List those books on your log and answer the questions about them.
  4. Make sure you complete your log entirely so we will know who to give credit to. (There might be a reward for you in the end). If you need more then one log, just staple them together.
Good luck and have fun!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ridge Crest Fundraiser!

This years the fundraiser will be headed up by Michelle Kofoed and Nancy Wells. Michelle also headed up the fundraiser last year and did a great job. If you have any questions concerning the upcoming fundraiser please contact the school at 785-8894 and they will get your questions to the committee.

To the right of the screen you will find a link to the two companies who will be doing our fundraiser this year. Please do not order the products yet! These links are for you to become familier with the products offered so when the fundraiser gets underway you will be aware of what you may want to order. They both offer wonderful products that were sampled by many people at back to school night. Our schools fundraiser will be kicking off at the end of September. Keep an eye out for more information about it as the time gets closer. We always appreciate all the support we get from our Ridge Crest parents during the fundraiser. The fundraiser is THE biggest opportunity of the year to raise money for our school so we hope it's a HUGE success!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome Back Eagles!!

  • Back to School Night

Back to School night is on Tuesday, August 24th from 6-7:30pm. Bring your childs school supplies, have a .25 cent popcorn and most importantly meet your childs teacher.

Become a Member of the PTA

PTA meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm starting September 1st. Your 10$ membership helps support activities for our kids. Last year the PTA helped fund:
Back to School Night
Teacher Appreciation
AR Party
Science Night
Student Council Activities
Walk Across America
ISAT Snacks
Buses to BHS play
Movie Night

Our Co-PTA Presidents this year are Mindy Polatis and Lisa Turner.

Mindy has four children. Her oldest 3 have already gone through Ridge Crest and her youngest is in the 4th grade. She is very excited to work with the parents and teachers of Ridge Crest Elementary. In years past she has volunteered on the PTA board and has great ideas to make sure our students have a great and fun year.
Lisa also has 4 children. She currently has 2 sons attending Ridge Crest. Lisa is full of energy and fun. She will have great ideas to help plan activities that will help our children learn and receive the best opportunities that we can offer.
The PTA is very excited to get started with this new school year. Please come and support our school in any way you can. There are many ways to help. Whether it is volunteering on a committee or just helping in your child's class room. Your help will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions for Mindy or Lisa please contact Ridge Crest at 785-8894.
On the right column you will find a link to the Blackfoot School District web page. Stay aware of everything that is going on in the district. Anything from sporting events, policies, calenders and lunch menus. Even pay your childs lunch money with the mynutrikids link.