Friday, August 27, 2010

Ridge Crest Fundraiser!

This years the fundraiser will be headed up by Michelle Kofoed and Nancy Wells. Michelle also headed up the fundraiser last year and did a great job. If you have any questions concerning the upcoming fundraiser please contact the school at 785-8894 and they will get your questions to the committee.

To the right of the screen you will find a link to the two companies who will be doing our fundraiser this year. Please do not order the products yet! These links are for you to become familier with the products offered so when the fundraiser gets underway you will be aware of what you may want to order. They both offer wonderful products that were sampled by many people at back to school night. Our schools fundraiser will be kicking off at the end of September. Keep an eye out for more information about it as the time gets closer. We always appreciate all the support we get from our Ridge Crest parents during the fundraiser. The fundraiser is THE biggest opportunity of the year to raise money for our school so we hope it's a HUGE success!

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