Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ridge Crest Reading Challenge

Our Ridge Crest Reading Challenge has become a well know tradition and this year is going to be no different, although the challenge is changing slightly. In years past there has been a list of specific books that had to be read in order to meet the challenge. Here's the challenge for this year: Read three books each month within the designated genre of books. The genre changes each month. Students will be allowed to read books of their choice as long as it belongs to one of the genres that we are challenging them to read. Once they have read those three books, students may choose to read books of their choice. Here's the second half of the challenge, and it's a group effort; read one million minutes as a school before the end of March!

September: Animal Stories
October: Mystery/Suspense
November: Non-Fiction/History
December: Books that have been made into movies
January: Where in the world: (Books that take place or teach about another country)
February: Fairy Tales/Tall Tales
March: Sports
Here's how our reading challenge works:
Each year students are given a challenge to read specific books with a suprise at the end of those who complete it. It has become a favorite event at our school and we plan to make it an exciting challenge this year. Here are the rules for our participants:
  1. Do not count previously read books. Reread them if you liked them, then you can count them.
  2. Log your reading minutes on the log provided each month. You'll need your teachers or parent/guardians initials for them to count.
  3. Read three books from the genre of the month. List those books on your log and answer the questions about them.
  4. Make sure you complete your log entirely so we will know who to give credit to. (There might be a reward for you in the end). If you need more then one log, just staple them together.
Good luck and have fun!

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  1. We love the reading challenge! Would it be possible to post each month's reading log on this site so we could print it from home? It is the 4th of October and my girls have not received their reading logs yet. We're just trying to keep track of those minutes! Thanks~~